Want a selfie at a fountain?

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What is it?

SELF effect is a way of promoting interesting tourist sites in a completely new and original form. This is a unique opportunity to be visible to project partners. The content is creating videoselfie with the help of a unique device - the SELF point. The resulting product - a short video with a reminder of the visit of the tourist places for the visitors - offers an interesting advertising and marketing space for project partners, which can be commercial and non-commercial, municipalities, institutions and individuals.

Just 3 steps to get your videoselfie!


Sign in to SELF point with FB, G+ or e-mail


Step on the SELF target and smile


Press the button

What does the result look like?

Smart and fun marketing


data about users

We're trying to know our users who create their videoselfies. We get informations from social networks or the users entered informations themselves.


ad space

Offer users your products or services that interested them (different based on age, gender, nationality, hobbies,…)

Report showcase

Videoselfie was already made for

Who invented it?

SELF effect is young startup from Pilsen. We enjoy digital technology and smart use of it. We try to invent new interesting things which people enjoy. A similar solution like our videos with clever marketing use has not been seen anywhere in the world, so we're probably the first. :)